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Sometimes it can feel like trying to lose weight is a constant losing battle.  Millions of people are facing the struggle with losing weight at any given time.  At HealthSculptors, we see patients who have been fighting this losing battle for years and they always seem to ask, “What do I need to do to lose weight?”

This is a really simple question.  And there are all kinds of simple answers people will give you to this question.  But we have found that it really boils down to 8 main things you need to lose weight.  Without any one of them, you will find it difficult to have success.  Without several of them, you might find it impossible.

1. You Need to Know Where You Are

This one might seem unnecessary.  But the truth is that you have to have a starting point to compare to when you are trying to understand if you are being successful.  We have talked to people who came in to talk to us about how they were struggling to lose weight, but they didn’t even know for sure how much they had lost or gained because they didn’t know where they started.  Knowing where you are is critical to understanding your success and staying motivated to continue.

2. You Need to Know Where You Want to Be

Here’s another one that seems simple.  You have to have a goal.  It has to be specific, and it has to be based on a time frame.  Do you want to lose 10 pounds? 20? Do you want to lose inches?  How many?  By when?  The reason these questions are important is because it helps you to devise a plan (we’ll talk about that later).  The plan will make it easier to understand your success and stay on track.

3. You Need to Really Want to Get There

Are you dedicated to succeeding?  Is it really important to you?  Or would it just be sort of nice to be a size smaller?  If you don’t have a need and a drive to be healthier and lose weight, you are much more likely to “slip” when it comes to your plan.  If it doesn’t really “hurt” to not reach your goals, you are going to have a harder time.  If you are having trouble with this, it helps to develop your “why”.  Is there something that you could do or something that you won’t have to do anymore if you are successful?  Or do you simply want to be in great shape when you are older so you can stay active, play with your grandkids or travel? Maybe you want to live longer? Use this “why” to drive you.

4. Your Metabolic Hormones MUST be Balanced

When most people think about hormone issues, they are thinking about sex hormones (like progesterone and estrogen).  While it is true that an imbalance in those hormones can cause a host of health issues, when it comes to weight loss, it is just as important to have your metabolic hormones (like insulin & glucagon) in check.  If you are curious about your hormone health, you should take the HealthSculptors Hormone Health Test.  The test asks about several possible symptoms of poor hormone health.

5. You Need a Plan

A lot of people come in to talk to us and say, “I’ve been eating healthier, and I’ve been more active.  I just don’t understand why I’m not feeling and looking better.”  Of course this is usually followed by us asking about what specific things they are eating and what their exercise routine is like.  This almost always leads to revelations for our clients.  What they realize is that they haven’t been doing quite as well as they think.  If they had a plan and followed it really well, they would never be surprised about how well or badly they’ve been doing.

6. You Need it to Be Tailored Specifically for You

Even more often, our patients don’t have any idea what specific plan they should be following that will really help them where they specifically need it.  They follow general advice that their friend is using that is working for them.  They follow these national diet plans that are developed for an “average” person.  Here’s the thing…none of us is “average”.  We all have individual and unique needs.  Not meeting these needs causes results that aren’t what they could be.  And it is setting you up for failure; not success.

7. You Need Support

You are going to have questions about your plan….about your diet…about your exercise…about your results.  It’s natural.  You need to have someone there to be able to help you and answer those questions.  Google can be helpful, sure.  But once again, that information is not specific to YOU.  And it really needs to be.

8. You Need an Accountability Partner

We saved this one for last but not because it isn’t important.  It is arguably the most important.  You really need someone to hold you accountable on your journey to meet your health and weight loss goals.  They need to be familiar with you personally, and they need to be familiar with your plan and your goals.  They need to be tough on you when you aren’t sticking to the plan and supportive when you are struggling.  This is why diet plans or exercise goals are almost always more successful when they are done in pairs or groups.


1. You Need HealthSculptors

These 8 things you need to lose weight are exactly what HealthSculptors is all about.  Of course you CAN go out and find all of these things in your life and have success.  You might try another 5 different things before you can find the one that is right for you.  But if you are tired of trying all of these things that don’t work or don’t last, then give us a call at 573-833-0339.  We will be happy to talk to you about what we can do to help you with your health or weight loss goals. We offer 100% custom and individualized weight loss programs starting as low as $99/month, with the first appointment covered by most insurance plans (a $150 value).  Don’t wait to take control of your health and your life, call us today!


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