Tailoring To Your Specific Needs…..

We tailor Individualized plans specific to activity level, gender, age, goals and current health.

Stress & its effect on hormones (cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone), can make it almost impossible to achieve weight loss. We have the testing and natural treatment available to re-balance your body allowing fat to be burned versus stored.

On our program, you are given a large list of approved foods that we have found help to optimize the best kind of weight loss. With that list, you will receive a food schedule that allows for fat burning while retaining muscle. In addition, you will have a custom recipe book to utilize as you meal prep. Our program utilizes simple, all natural supplements packed with metabolism boosting and fat burning vitamins.   Our personal trainer will show you all the best exercises to help with your weight loss, health and improved posture. They will also design and modify your personal fitness plan that you can do at home or at the gym.

As mentioned before, support is key! Included in your tailored program will be weekly accountability and coaching sessions. After you have achieved your goal, 6 months of monitored maintenance is added to ensure that you have long term success with your new weight loss. This amounts to roughly 8 months of total support from our trained staff!

We determine your hard wired Habits and Behaviors that get you into trouble and, through some easy activities, change them into good Habits and Behaviors to assure long term success.

Whether your goal is fast weight loss, reduction of blood pressure or cholesterol, or simply to feel better, We will design the plan that achieves your goal. We will also assure long term health and weight loss success through our maintenance and follow up sessions